Hydro Glow LED HG45 Bait Light

Hydroglow has a new wrinkle in their design and it’s a very good thing for private boaters. The new lights are smaller, take up very little room on a boat and they have a plethora of high output LED’s. They are brighter than their four foot cousins, and they take about the same space as a can of beer. The HG45 is the 45 watt green model.


HYDRO GLOW lights are the preferred night light for attracting bait, baitfish, squid, and predatory fish that feed on these critters. The Hydro Glow lights are the best available for private boaters, the most recommended fish attracting lights on the market, and they have been for many years. They are not the least expensive, but when the full package is considered, they represent a very worthwhile investment in fish catching technology.  If you are serious about catching white seabass off the SoCal coast, you need squid. If you need to “make” squid or other baits, you need a Hydro Glow!

There are some benefits with the new lights that should appeal to a lot of folks. Since they are basically solid state, they can deal with natural abuse that’s likely to occur on most boats, they can deal better with some bumping around that a tube-style light. The lights also have a proprietary coating on their bright LED’s to help absorb shock and make them waterproof for use in the water and added durability for years of hard use. The LED’s are also darn efficient, drawing just 1/2 to 1 amp of juice! For the private boater, these may be exactly what you have been wanting to keep on the boat – and use!

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