Hot Sauce Fish Scent


A unique thick gel attractant that goes much further that just covering up unnatural plastic or human odors. Hot Sauce Gel actually has the taste and flavor of Magnum Baitfish formula, which literally turns your artificial lure into the real thing. Add to it the fact that “HOT SAUCE GEL” applied to any lure virtually imitates the slime coat which all baitfish have lubricating the bait/lure to protect the soft plastic bait.

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Is it the scent or the action?  For my money it’s the action that draws attention, and the scent that keeps the lure in the fish’s mouth long enough for a hookset.  So, it makes sense to use scents when the fish need a little extra coaxing or you need a bit more confidence in a sketchy bite.  For soft plastics, I’d consider scents especially desirable. Hot Sauce has become the Calico Bass hunters favorite scent.  Fish will hang onto lures coated with this stuff. Comes in 5 oz containers.

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