Hearty Rise Slow Jigging III S x Tokayo Rods

  • 1 Piece Japanese Carbon Blank
  • Conventional Guide Set
  • Fuji Titanium Torzite Guides
  • Heavy Pulling Power
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The Slow Jigging III-S is a deviation from the traditional slow pitch jigging rod style. Unlike almost all other slow pitch jigging rods on the market, these are specifically made for pulling hard and muscling a fish in without worrying about anything. They’re still thin, light and very strong with some very impressive max drag ratings giving you the ability of pulling on anything you want while still maintaining the parabolic and soft action of most traditional slow pitch rods.

The lightest model rated up to 340g will cover any of the lighter local and long range fishing, I would recommend running jigs between 160g and 300g for the best action. The 500g model will work great for the guys trying to push the envelope and go for the larger yellowtail, yellowfin and even bluefin as well as other species elsewhere, this one feels optimal in the 300-500g range which will give you a lot of options for deeper water or higher current scenarios. The last model rated for up to 800g is a monster that will serve all of your deep water jigging needs, it has plenty of pulling power to pull on the bigger 150lb+ class bluefin that we have here as well as most anything else in the water. They’ve gotten grouper weighing into the 200lb range on this model as well as a variety of big tuna, sharks and so on. Keep in mind that to get the best performance out of this rod you will need to use some big hard to get jigs in the 600-800g range.

The blanks are composed of entirely out of Japanese carbon fiber with the highest quality guide set available on the market courtesy of Fuji custom Titanium Torzite guides designed specifically for these rods and their power. Every part of these rods is purpose made for slow pitch jigging and pulling hard. The EVA grip in the back is comfortable for fighting at the hip or with a belt as well as balancing the rod on your forearm when jigging.

Model Length Pieces Weight
Butt Dia
Power Range
90° Drag
60° Drag
SJ3S-581C/340-O 5’8″ 1 167 8.9 #1 MAX 340 MAX 2.5 ~40lb 28 40 95
SJ3S-581C/500-O 5’8″ 1 190 9.4 #2 MAX 500 MAX 3.0 ~50lb 36 50 95
SJ3S-581C/800-O 5’8″ 1 220 11.1 #3 MAX 800 MAX 4.0 ~60lb 40 60 95
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