Gambler Big EZ Swimbaits


The Big EZ swimbait is a tantalizing treat for any fish.  Measuring a full 5″ long it has an excellent profile in the water.  The segmented tail provides plenty of swimming action.  The Big EZ makes it easy to catch big fish.  Rig it on a belly weighted hook or with a screw in weight and just add water.  The erratic swimming action will do the rest.

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Gambler’s Big EZ swimbaits are unique in shape and feature a couple things we’ve been wanting to see as an alternate to the more traditional West Coast style inshore plastics.  You’ll note the nose is more pointed rather than squared off, that works better for some jigs – best for the weighted hooks from Eagle Claw and Gambler’s Duz-It underspins.  There’s also a recessed area on the back of the lures, easy to rig these things weedless. The lures are enhanced with Gambler’s Bite attractant. Lures come five per bag at a very reasonable $4.69.

Really some nice chunks of plastic, meaty baits. They swim nicely, must be the hips and the narrower waist. But, they do have a very nice kick in large part because of the segmented tail.  The lures are 5 inches in length, and are made to fish on a belly weighted hook or with a crew in weight. Their erratic swimming action will arouse a bite, no doubt about it.


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