Gamakatsu Tuned Tuna Plug Ringed Hooks


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  • Packs of 2 hooks
  • Available in 10/0, 11/0 and 12/0
  • Tin finish


The addition of a ring to a tuna hook provides some great advantages for many different applications, the ring allows for the hooks to stay inline when you use a split ring to attach it to a casting or trolling lure making it great if you’re going to give stickbaits or poppers a try for the bigger fish. For trolling especially these make it easier to keep a fish on the hook since the hook can move more freely giving it a wider range of motion so the fish can’t get any leverage to break away.

The welded ring also allows you to use these hooks on a larger vertical jig if you’re fishing at night for the bluefin, the ring makes it a lot easier to get a split ring around it and the jig as opposed to having to go directly to the hook.

Packs of 2 hooks.

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