Gamakatsu Nautilus HD Ringed Circle Hooks


  • Available in 2/0-6/0 Sizes
  • Great for all kinds of live bait
  • Available in Pocket Packs & 25 piece Pro Packs
  • Solid stamped ring
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The newer ringed versions of the Nautilus HD hooks are a great purchase when using live bait and targeting bigger fish, especially tuna. These hooks fall between the standard Nautilus and the Super, putting them just above the Owner Mutu’s as far as strength and wire gauge. This alone isn’t that exciting, but given the sizes are smaller than the comparable Owner you can expect the 2/0 to be about the size of a #1 making these hooks amazing for fishing smaller or weaker bait for bigger fish without compromising on strength. The Mutu’s aren’t available in smaller ringed sizes without dropping down the wire gauge to a Hybrid.

Another great feature of these hooks is the solid stamped ring as opposed to a welded wire ring. These rings are much stronger and more consistent giving you peace of mind that the ring won’t be a failure point like we have seen on some other hooks. They have a black nickel finish which is a great standard for live bait hooks, durable and resistant to corrosion.

These hooks are available in 2/0 – 6/0 sizes as well as in pocket and pro packs. With the lack of standard sizing it is hard to put the hook size into perspective, the 2/0 size in the Gamakatsu is about the same size as a #1 Owner Mutu, 2/0 Mustad, 1/0 Eagle Claw and 1/0 QuickRig circle hook. The rest of the sizes follow the same general increments.


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