ESCA Lights


ESCA’s have proven very successful for folks targeting swordfish, all types of deeper water rockfish, and most recently billfish.

  • ESCA’s are an easy way to add illumination to your baits for deep dropping applications
  • Last up to 100 hours with no batteries required, water activated
  • Blinking & fading variants in blue or green
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I first came across this product at ICAST several years ago. I was very much interested, but at that point there was no way for me to bring the piece into this country. They’re based in Norway, and it would have been a pain in the keester to import ’em. I’ve been following them ever since, and fishing the sample they provided me. They also had some growing to do, earn their USA patent… We are now pleased to be able to offer this unique product to our clients. The Esca fish attractor utilizes light and electro-magnetic influences to attract gamefish. It can improve the performance of all lures, imitates natures own lure lights, and adds life to lures and bait. While the piece can be used as a lure, it truly shines best by treating it as an attractor. I wrote this back around 2007, and through 2010 we saw this product grow in popularity. But, then something happened. Their USA manager disappeared, did not come to the ICAST shows for years, we could not make contact, and people kept calling asking about the esca lights, if we had any…  I’ll cut to the chase, we found ’em, we’ve got ’em, and you’d do well to grab some.*

There are four different styles/types of Esca attractors. The devices emit either green or blue light, and that light is either a constant fade or blinking/strobe. They are powered by saltwater itself, and will work for up to 100 hours of fishing time – no batteries involved. The best use for the Esca device is to use them as an add-on to your existing lures. They have proven very successful for folks targeting swordfish, all types of deeper water rockfish, and most recently billfish. (They have been used in several tournaments for great effect). The Esca replicates the wavelength, intensity and frequency of light emitted by different types of fish and plankton – the manufacturer refers to this as the “pulse of life!” They also create an electromagnetic field that triggers the hunting instincts in fish. Fish will bite, and bite harder! The Esca will improve the visibility of your lures and tackle, improving your odds at getting bit.

Esca attractors weigh 7 grams. They can be used by themselves as a small jig, but they are really best used together with spinners, jigs, iron, and bait. You can rig them inside soft bodied squid skirts, inline, with deep diving lures and with trolling lures.

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