Eagle Claw Trokar Weighted Swim Blade Hooks

  • Integrated fixed weight with an underspin blade
  • Chrome dimpled blade
  • Double barrel swivel design for a smooth spin

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The Trokar Swim Blade’s are a great alternative to some other weedless hook designs on the market. The integrated weight and blade system is unique to these hooks, they use a sleek weight molded and fixed to the shank of the hook along with a wired eye to attach the blade. The blade is offset back about an inch using a stiff solid single strand piece of wire, which ensures it will get down and away from the swimbait so it can spin unobstructed. The blade is attached to a double barrel swivel design which will make it spin more freely than most giving it a better action.

These are mainly meant for weedless swimbaits such as the Gambler’s, Damiki Armor Shads, blams and so on. They’ll also work with the smaller sizes of Big Hammer’s but for the larger 4″+ sizes you’ll need to trim the belly to keep them from getting hung up on weeds and grass. These are a great option if you’re looking for an underspin for weedless baits.

We will be receiving other sizes as soon as they are available from Eagle Claw, next up are the 5/0 1/4 oz and the 7/0 sizes.


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