Eagle Claw Trokar 619 Inline Circle Hooks


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Eagle Claws best hooks, the TroKar hooks are designed and forged in America. TroKar hooks are the fist surgically sharpened hooks in the world. They provide faster, deeper, surer penetration – and that’s a proven fact. The surgically sharpened technology and species specific designs add a new level of performance to the art of big game fishing. 50% faster, surer penetration with half as much force as competitors hooks. That’s Eagle Claw’s claim, and I think they can back it up. These hooks took Best New Product award at ICAST last year. The pricing had been thru the roof, that was the reason we didn’t bring ’em in initially. Well, we have a better price to work with now, far more competitive, and now the TroKar is a reasonable alternative both in terms of quality and price to Gamakatsu, Owner, QuickRig and Mustad. And, it should be mentioned again, these are made in USA.

Eagle Claw TroKar hooks were created by a team of engineers from Eagle Claw who partnered up with people who create high tech surgical needles. That partnership resulted in some creative thinking, and the unique hook design that distinguishes Eagle Claw TroKar hooks – a geometric triangular point made to penetrate faster and easier, twice as fast as any other hook on the market. This improves strike to hookup ratios, and your odds of catching more fish. Those are the manufacturer’s points. What concerns us is real world, fisherman based feedback on the hooks, long range skippers opinions. Still Owner owns the lions share of the LR business, with Mustad coming on strong with their 4X hooks. Feedback looks to place the TroKars in that same circle of success. They are a very good hook. Certainly they are premium in terms of construction and price, but as is our nature, we’re doing our part to bring the costs into line for our clients. Regular price on TroKar offshore hooks was about $18. The Eagle Claw folks decided to speed the awareness level of their new hooks and cut price a bit, making it possible for us to offer these excellent hooks at a price that makes it quite tempting to give them a try – and save considerably in comparison to say Owner for instance. No doubt these are directed right at their Big Super Mutu hooks.


Initially there were two versions of the TroKar big game hooks we selected to stock, the HD Ringed and Offset Ringed models. They both are true circle hooks, but the shape is a bit different. The HD (heavy duty) offers a more traditional circle hook shape with a bit of a “kirbed” design (the point sticks out from the shaft of the hook as you can see in the image above). The Offset also has that characteristic, but it’s shape is indeed different more inline in terms of the point to shaft but they change angles along the shaft of the hook. Both are indeed heavy duty hooks. I’ve not fished ’em yet myself, but by all looks and inspections these are up there with the industries best, and they are made here in America – the only premium hook manufactured in America. I think Eagle Claw has a very nice hook in both the HD and Offset ringed hooks. They’re something we’ve been wanting to see since we dropped the product line a few years back given a lack of commitment to the Saltwater side of fishing. That’s no longer the case, Eagle Claw has updated their design and now offers something that won’t let you down when you finally get bit by that fish of a lifetime. Their old hooks were more of a value type product, and as such they simply could fail under high stress use. With the new models, well, those days are long gone. The HD and Offset Ringed are state of the art hooks by any measure. Their points are the sharpest in the industry, and they have several design awards to their credit.


Based upon feedback and a bit more experience with these American made hooks we’ve added more models, and may expand from there in the future. We added the non-ringed version of the Heavy Duty big game hooks and we also added their Inline Circle hook in non-ringed version. The Inline’s are a more standard design, do not offer the kirbed feature, but bring the cost per hook down to a very affordable level. Most recently we’ve added their most popular J style hook and specialty swimbait hooks – both listed further down this page. I think it’s quite fair to say, Eagle Claw is back in the game in the world of offshore fishing. The quality compares very favorable to the other high end hooks on the market today, arguable better points than their competition – and the value is quite strong.


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