Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp LS2033 Assist Hooks


  • Strong assist hooks featuring Kevlar line
  • Package includes 2 hooks, 2 solid & 2 split rings
  • Rounded needle point hooks
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The Lazer Sharp assist hooks are a more budget friendly alternative to their Trokar counterparts. The LS2033 hooks come with 200lb Kevlar assist chord on the 1/0 and 3/0 sizes, and 300lb on the bigger 5/0 and 7/0 sizes so you won’t have to worry too much about abrasion. These hooks are deceptively small which will help you match them up with smaller jigs. I would recommend the 1/0 size on smaller 30-60g jigs, the 3/0 I’d use on a 50-80g jig, the 5/0 I’d move up to an 80-160g jig and the 7/0 I’d use on jigs up to 250g. These all come with a medium length assist loop so they will work great on a lot of the stubby butterfly and slow pitch jigs. The 7/0 you could also use on long fall jigs as well due to their longer size, match these up with longer vertical jigs with less shape that are meant for a long pull, deep drop and higher current situations.

Each pack comes with 2 hooks, 2 solid rings and 2 split rings. The traditional way to use these would be to put both hooks on one solid ring, facing towards each other. After you’ve done that, attach the solid ring to the jig using a split ring. You will want to tie or crimp your leader to the solid rings that the hooks are attached to and not the split ring, the split ring is only there to hold the jig on and should never be a part of the fight since split rings by design are much weaker than solid rings.

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