Duran DFP Machined Brass Yo-yo Jigs


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  • CNC Machined Finish
  • 6 oz Weight
  • 4.5″ Length


The benefits of precise machining technology has been well received in the surface iron game over the last few years, the accurate tolerances reduce any variance in the swimming action of the jig making every single one a perfect swimmer. These new heavier yo-yo irons are a great addition to our jig catalog, providing a worry free alternative albeit at a higher price. With sand casted or molded jigs you have more chances to go wrong, so sometimes you have to go through a few jigs to get one that swims the way it was originally intended to this can be frustrating but the rewards of finding a jig that swims well are well worth it. These irons are not only very heavy for their size, due to the use of brass, but also all swim the way the designer intended them to. They are nicely ringed, and come with a good treble hook making them useful for any grade of fish.

From the Manufacturer: The New CNC Machined Brass Yo-yo is finally here!! This one is 4.5 inches long and weighs in at 6oz. This is a jig designed to get to the bottom fast and get bit first! A small cast out, let it sink and an angled retrieve is what makes this jig swim best!

We gave a prototype to Sam Skinner the Captain of Brink Expeditions in San Diego and while chasing bluefin he said “I threw Surface Irons, Poppers, Colt Snipers and Stickbaits and could not get bit until I tied on the Brass”.

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