Duran DFP Machined Aluminum Surface Irons


  • High Precision Machined Jigs
  • Currently Available in Raw & Mint Colors
  • 3.7 oz Weight
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The machined aluminum iron craze has taken off over the last few years, starting out with the Z-Bar irons that we’ve had for a while we have a new addition from Duran Fishing Products who have made some excellent universal clamps for the guys trying to use their smaller reels on their bigger jig sticks.

These new irons are slightly wider, and heavier than the Z-Bar’s with a cutout in the back which gives it a more unique shape. The hips are more offset which should give the jig a more pronounced kick when retrieving. Having a slightly heavier weight will make it easier to cast far, especially for the guys trying to use the larger low profile baitcasting reels.

As mentioned before these are 100% machined aluminum which means every single jig will swim the way it was originally intended to. While sand-cast and other molded techniques have a lot of variation, meaning some jigs may swim great and some may not swim as well the high precision machining of modern mills will guarantee that every jig will swim perfectly, meaning less cost in the long run since you’re not buying a half dozen jigs to figure out 4 of them don’t swim as well as the others.

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