Dexter Russell Deba Knives


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We’ve added a few more Dexter Russell knives to our mix. We’ve sold the more standard 8″ fillet knife and breaking knives since we started, we rarely expanded upon those basic necessities. Dexter added some wonderful sashimi knives to their line. These knives are sharpened on one side only, differentiating from the breaking and fillet knives which are ground on both sides. Those knives also have a Sanisafe handle instead of the magnolia-wood handle which grace the Japanese-style cutlery. If you’ve ever wondered how the Sushi Chef prepares such clean and thin cuts on a beautiful chunk of fish, well now you do – it’s the blade. Dexter Russell knives have the best blades. Period. That’s why they are the first choice of folks in the professional culinary field. Their stainless steel blades hold an edge, and take on an edge beautifully. They are an instrument that will last a lifetime with proper maintenance and use. 

Deba knives are for separating meat from bone, slicing fish with the least waste or damage to delicate fillets. The heavier Nakiri is a chopper, and the straight blade Sashimi knife is just that – the slicing of fresh fish. These knives are razor sharp.

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