Decoy SN-14 EX Lure Snaps


  • Packs of 7
  • Corrosion resistant coating
  • Made in Japan
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Lure clips are an essential part of every fishing arsenal, they make it quick and easy to switch out lures and a lot of times give the lures a better action in the water. The Decoy EX snaps are a heavy duty and well thought out shape, they’re compact but are strong enough for just about any kind of casting lure, these work very well with stickbaits, jerkbaits, poppers and jig heads. Smallest size is great for inshore and surf fishing, they fit smaller jerkbaits for halibut and baybass as well as jig heads up to 1.5oz while still being small. The largest size is perfect for the heavier saltwater stickbaits and poppers as well as smaller trolling lures like Rapala XRAPs, Mirrolures, Yo-Zuri High Speed Vibes and so on.

These have a corrosion resistant coating so they last a while and don’t break the bank, a pack will last a while since you can always reuse them. The reason they can get away with a heavier rating is due to the shape they choice and the locking clasp used, unlike the Owner egg snap styles these will deform inline so the connection will actually get stronger while on the wider snaps it gets weaker.


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