Damiki Vault Jigs

The Vault is a tiny blade vibration bait, great for targeting bass, as well as, various other fish species. Excellent for ripping through baitfish in cold water, it accurately mimics a variety of forage species with its unique vibrating action and realistic color patterns.

  • Available in 42 and 55 gm sizes & 4 colors


Damiki produces some excellent lures, very well thought of performers in the freshwater application for bass and stripers but more recently making a major splash in saltwater. These lures offer some unique features which have made them VERY popular fishing San Diego bay for spotties and sandbass, and more.  We brought in their unique leadheads, soft plastics and two hard baits. I’ve got some work ahead of me updating all the new lures, but this week we’ll show off the two reasons I tracked down this manufacturer: the AXE BLADE and the VAULT. The Vault is a thin blade type lure, big bug eyes, very reflective finish. It’s used cast and retrieve like the Axe Blade lure. You can cover a lot of water working these two lures, and they are both very productive.

I first became aware of the Axe Blade thru YouTube, checking a few posts/vids, looking for some fishing info for when I was stuck doing overnighters in San Diego helping out at our shop.  I hadn’t fished much there, wanted to get some info for after work fishing. I came across a fellow who was using the Axe Blade for great success. While he complained a bit about their cost (he was paying about $15/lure), he was quite pleased with the result of catching fish that wouldn’t touch his other offerings.  When I saw the lure I was reminded of a lure I used quite a bit while living in Texas, fishing Lake Lavon for white bass, the venerable Little George. You could throw the lure a mile, use it on the troll, just an old standby with pretty crappy colors, but darn effective.  I’d searched for something similar for saltwater use, didn’t find anything and gave up looking.  Well, the video I saw woke me up, that’s a Little George on ‘roids!  The Damiki Axe Blade has some significant differences to the freshwater lure of similar design. The Axe is stronger, has a much better finish, ball bearing swivel, better blade and hooks, chrome spinner blades, and oh, back to the finish… These are top quality lures, very much shows the Japanese and Korean influence in terms of overall quality and cosmetics. These are almost like fine pieces of jewelry… that catch fish.

For both styles of lure we are offering four excellent color patterns in two sizes. The Vault is available in 1 1/2″ length 1/4 ounce AND 2 1/4″ 1/2 ounce weight. There are three tie points on the Vault, so you can change the way the lure swims, vary it’s depth. The Axe Blade is offered in 21 and 30 gram weights (.75 and 1.1 oz), both about 2 inches in length. We are still waiting on some Axe Blades in the smaller size. If you order the small sized Axe lures, expect a delay in shipping.

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42 gm size is 1.65 inches long

55 gm size is 2.15 inches long