Damiki Jig Heads

Designed for vertical jigging during the cold water months, the Damiki Rig Jig Head offers anglers a perfect shad imitating jig head that works extremely well on suspended and lethargic fish. Featuring a center weight balanced design, as well as, a 90-degree vertical line tie, this combination allows your presentation to remain perfectly horizontal when vertical jigging for suspended fish.

  • Available in 3 sizes & 4 colors

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Damiki’s leadheads are interesting pieces, kind of a “sled-head” in effect. They’re made to move on the bottom, slowly enticing a bite.  You can, of course, fish them in standard cast and retrieve form, but they’ve been proven quite effective worked slowly, then apply a bump, a jerk, settle back down and slowly move again.  You’ll get the hang of what works for you on a given day soon enough.  We’re stocking four patterns, two weights at 3/8 and 1/2 ounce, 3 hook sizes.  The little 1/0 hooks are for the small 3″ baits, while the 2/0 can go with both 3 and 4″ lures, the 3/0 is reserved for the larger 4″ lures.

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