Daiwa Zakana Jigs


  • Available in popular 8 colors
  • Size ranges from 30g to 130g or 1-4 oz
  • Offset eye for a more natural swimming action
  • Rigged with heavy duty treble hooks
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The Zakana jigs have been around for almost a year now and have been well tested in SoCal and other areas. The offset eye makes them a lot more natural than most other metal jigs of similar style making them a great choice for local and San Diego fishing. They’re a good all round jig and are an easy addition to your arsenal. Over the last year we’ve seen a lot more small bait so guys have been forced to drop down hook size and line test in order to fish it but with that we’ve seen a big growth in jig fishing instead. You can fish heavier line to achieve the same presentation with these jigs, making it much easier to land fish and in most cases more fun as well. If you don’t mind a more active style of fishing I would definitely give these jigs a try instead of live bait next time you’re out, you’ll find that it’s still very effective and keeps you away from the stern. You can also fish these on the slide when the boat is coming to a stop giving you the first shot of getting a bite.

We chose a specific set of colors mainly focusing on the flash since there will be more colors available soon. Daiwa decided to tailor some bread and butter colors specifically for the SoCal market. In a few months you’ll be able to get Scrambled Egg, Blue & White, Mint & White and Red Crab which will make these the first jigs of their kind to come in our normal YoYo colors.

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