Daiwa Saltist 2-Speed Lever Drag Reels


  • Fast, One Touch gear shift
  • Six CRBB corrosion resistant ball bearings
  • Precision stainless steel gears, helical-cut for smooth, powerful winding
  • Ultimate Tournament carbon drag (UTD)
  • Offset power handle with round speed knob
  • Aluminum frame and left sideplate are one solid piece for unmatched strength
  • Precision ratchet Anti-Reverse
  • Machined aluminum spool


Daiwa introduced a new series of saltwater reels in 2009 based upon their very popular and well designed Saltist series of cast aluminum reels. These new reels offer some features sure to please anglers looking to combine both speed of retrieve and cranking power.

Certainly Daiwa took a look at what Avet’s been up to for the past few years and came to the realization that spectra has changed the game in favor of the use of smaller gear for bigger fish – if that gear is up to the challenge. Daiwa also upgraded the drag material to a carbon fiber design (again more like Avet’s been offering on all their reels). Daiwa states that the reels will have 13-17#’s of drag with freespool, and button down at 22-26#’s of drag. Pretty impressive specs indeed, and very well thought out gear ratios. They also feature 6 bearings, and a 6.3:1 & 3:1 gear ratio.  All in all, it appears that Daiwa has some winners on their hands with the Saltist Lever Drag reels. Time has proven that these are great fish catchers in the best traditions of Daiwa.

Introduced at the same time as the two-speed LD’s, Daiwa produced the same reels in a single speed form. These single speed reels all share a 6.3:1 gear ratio, and 13#’s of drag measured at strike with freespool performance (manufacturer’s spec). Like the 2-speeds, the little 20 will hold about 325 yards of 15# and 210 of 20# mono, the larger 30 size will hold 295 yds of 20# and 230 of 25# line. The 40 holds 270 yds of 30# mono, the 50 holds 310 yds of 40#. Pictured Right: the 40 & 50 size Saltist 2 speed. Daiwa also introduced a narrow 40, the model 35. It shares all the same features of the 40, size of drag…but in a skinnier form. Wonderful size for use on a jig stick.

For the folks demanding even higher gear ratios, folks going vertical jigging or for use with surface iron targeting cruising yellowtail, Daiwa introduced a higher speed version of the single speed reels. These are burners, with a 7.3:1 gearing. You sacrifice some power by going so fast, but the benefit of the faster retrieve may produce some more bites for you since there are those fish that go nuts for the fast wind, and the action produced on a jig can indeed benefit with a touch more speed. The red trimmed high speed reels fit a narrower application, may not be the way to go for folks fishing bait for instance, but if you’re seeking a more dedicated jigging reel these are great options.

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Bearings Gear Ratio
Hi / Low
Line Per
Handle Turn
Hi / Low
Line Capacity
(Lb. Test / Yards)
Strike / Full
STTLD20-2SPD – / L 6CRBB 6.3:1 / 3.1:1 36.6″/ 18′ 14.8 MONO: 12/420, 14/350, 20/210
BRAID: 40/260, 50/200
13.2 / 22
STTLD30-2SPD – / ML 6CRBB 6.3:1 / 3.1:1 36.6″/ 18′ 15.3 MONO: 14/490, 20/295, 25/230
BRAID: 40/380, 50/280
13.2 / 22
STTLD35-2SPD – / ML 6CRBB 6.3:1 / 3.1:1 46.9″/ 23.1′ 22.4 MONO: 20/300, 25/240, 30/200
BRAID: 40/600, 50/360
17.6 / 26.4
STTLD40-2SPD – / M 6CRBB 6.3:1 / 3.1:1 46.9″/ 23.1′ 22.0 MONO: 25/400, 30/270, 40/240
BRAID: 40/660, 50/490
17.6 / 26.4
STTLD50-2SPD – / MH 6CRBB 6.3:1 / 3.1:1 46.9″/ 23.1′ 23.0 MONO: 30/350, 40/310, 50/220
BRAID: 40/840, 50/630
17.6 / 26.4

CRBB = Super Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearing, BB = Stainless Steel Ball Bearing, RB Roller Bearing