Daiwa Saltiga Jigging Series Spinning Rods


  • Split grip design
  • Perfect for high speed jigging
  • Fuji FazLite K-Series guides
  • Nano resin & woven carbon wrapped blank
  • Available in 5’8″, 6′, 6’6″ & 7′ models
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The new Saltiga jigging rods from Daiwa are a nice upgrade over the last generation, they’ve gotten lighter and thinner with some extra pulling power from the woven carbon fiber they’re using. They’ve got the fancy carbon wrap as well as the Nano resin in the blank to make them stronger without increasing weight, overall they’ll be capable of any kind of high speed jigging you’ll be doing depending on the jigs you’re fishing. All of the models come with the Fuji FazLite guides so you know you won’t have any issues down the road, most of the models come with a rubber gimbal at the butt with the exception of the heavier 5’8″ models which come with a heavy duty gimbal and butt cap.

What makes a jigging rod is the parabolic action, you want the rod to load up and have enough recoil to move your jig as you’re winding which is exactly what these rods are best at. The newer design and materials give you a very soft bend but enough recoil to kick the jig back and give it the right action. The parabolic bend also does another neat thing, it lets the load be distributed throughout every inch of the rod instead of having a shutoff point like most boat rods. Because of this these rods can bend and handle a lot of force and a lot of drag, with the heavier models plenty capable of bringing in large tuna given the right technique.

SLTGJ58HS H R 5’8″ 1 65-120 BRAID 100-250g 6 Fuji Fazlite Tangle Free K-Guides
SLTGJ58XHS XH R 5’8″ 1 60-150 BRAID 120-300g 6 Fuji Fazlite Tangle Free K-Guides
SLTGJ60MLS ML R 6′ 1 20-50 BRAID 50-180g 6 Fuji Fazlite Tangle Free K-Guides
SLTGJ66MS M R 6’6″ 1 30-65 BRAID 50-200g 7 Fuji Fazlite Tangle Free K-Guides
SLTGJ66MHS MH R 6’6″ 1 50-100 BRAID 80-230g 7 Fuji Fazlite Tangle Free K-Guides
SLTGJ66HS H R 6’6″ 1 65-120 BRAID 100-250g 7 Fuji Fazlite Tangle Free K-Guides
SLTGJ70MS M R 7′ 1 30-65 BRAID 50-200g 8 Fuji Fazlite Tangle Free K-Guides
SLTGJ70MHS MH R 7′ 1 50-100 BRAID 80-230g 8 Fuji Fazlite Tangle Free K-Guides
SLTGJ70HS H R 7′ 1 65-120 BRAID 100-250g 8 Fuji Fazlite Tangle Free K-Guides


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