Daiwa Jig Tackle Box


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Daiwa expanded upon the jig tote to a new level of refinement. The new Tactical Jig Tote Combo bag holds more and holds it better. There’s enough storage to cover a persons time on the water for a day or two…or more with some good planning. 

The Tactical Jig Tote Combo bag includes three storage boxes, one 360 size inside and two 350 sized boxes in their own side storage compartments. There’s a sunglass holder on the outside, and inside one more plastic storage box and jig/lure receivers in three sizes! There are 10 narrow 1″ cells, 8 1 1/4″ and 6 at 1 3/4″ receivers for larger iron.  That’s a bunch of lures on tap, 24 individual compartments plus three storage boxes for your terminal tackle, soft plastics, whatever your fishing adventure calls for.  Everything is easily accessible.  Very well thought out alternative to a traditional bag, compact, great use of space and it holds the right amount of gear for most of us in a very nice pack.  AND, with the open mesh top and bottom it’s darn easy to clean up and wash off the saltwater from your lures!


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