Daiwa J-Fluoro Fluorocarbon Line


  • 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Material 
  • Made in Japan
  • Clear Color
  • Convenient Spool Band
  • Compact spool 
  • Available from 2lb to 80lb Test
  • Value priced with 50 and 100 yard spools
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This was one of the surprises at ICAST, and it’s here now. Daiwa, best known for reels and rods also has an extensive lure lineup, braid and now Fluorocarbon leader.  They recognized that then are the new kid on the block, so they came out swinging! The spools are available in 100 yard lengths up thru 20#, then drops to 50 yards for 25-80 lb lines – double the standard amount of line on a spool….but it’s not smoke and mirrors or apples verses oranges, your cost is a heck of a lot less than, for example, Seaguar. Lets check the pricing, 25 yards of Seaguar Premier 60# will set you back about $32. Daiwa is offering 50 yards for $22.99 (double the quantity at a savings of $11).

We did some testing over the past couple weeks, the line offers excellent diameters, a good hard finish for abrasion resistance, with break strength within reason. Compared to AFW, Sunline, Yo-Zuri and Seaguar’s Blue Label FL products we are seeing a slight drop in actual breaking test for Daiwa’s FL line.  For example, using 40# as a reference, Daiwa’s J-Fluoro scored 37 lbs with a full 5 inches of stretch prior to breaking. AFW averaged 42 lbs with 4.5″ stretch, Yo-Zuri TopKnot came in at 44 lbs with a 4.25″ stretch. Daiwa’s diameters are smaller, in some instances substantially thinner than other suppliers tested.  This is a major point, similar to comparing Seaguar’s Premier verses their Blue Label product.  The skinnier lines tend to break earlier – as one would suspect.  We will do more testing, more sampling of spools, and then publish all our findings.  Preliminary testing suggests Daiwa’s line will test slightly under spec, but also offer greater stretch than other manufacturers. So, there are some particular applications where this may be a line of preferred use.

This is a 100% Fluorocarbon product, Japanese made quality, it will do what Fluorocarbon is supposed to do, be less visible in the water, and it will do so at a very aggressive cost. Now, Daiwa makes a lot of things, however this line is being produced by another manufacturer, no doubt.  I’ll lay odds that Sunline is making this product, has some similar characteristics to what we’ve stocked from them.  (Sunline’s primary business in the US market is that of an OEM producer, making lines for other firms to stamp their name on).  Sunline makes a great product, as many of you well know.  Daiwa’s FL line will be a wonderful addition to their range of products, and a welcome relief to anglers given the quality and cost calculation.

Model Test lb. Diameter Inches Diameter MM Length
JFL4-100 4 .007 0.18 100 yds
JFL6-100 6 .009 0.22 100 yds
JFL8-100 8 .010 0.25 100 yds
JFL10-100 10 .011 0.28 100 yds
JFL12-100 12 .012 0.30 100 yds
JFL15-100 15 .014 0.35 100 yds
JFL20-100 20 .015 0.39 100 yds
JFL25-50 25 .016 0.42 50 yds
JFL30-50 30 .018 0.46 50 yds
JFL40-50 40 .020 0.51 50 yds
JFL50-50 50 .022 0.56 50 yds
JFL60-50 60 .029 0.73 50 yds
JFL80-50 80 .030 0.77 50 yds
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