Daiichi Seiko FG Knot Assist 2.0 Tool


  • Carbon fiber reinforced
  • Makes tying FG knots easy
  • Made in Japan

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The FG knot assist tool is an amazing convenience item to have when you’re looking to get strong connections without the hassle. The FG knot tests out well and is fairly resistant to abrasion, but it has always been a pretty involved knot to tie right, especially the tension needed to tie it. With this tool you can clamp your braid to keep it straight when working on the first part, with the leader secure by a separate clamp so you can alternate it side to side to get the braid to wrap around it. Once you get the desired amount of turns you can reposition the line so that the tool will hold the knot for you while you’re finishing it off with your half hitches or a rizzuto. This tool works very well for the lighter test lines up to about 80lb leaders and 100lb braid, and will work for heavier line but you’ll need to wrap the line more to apply more tension.

The tool itself only weighs 1 3/4 oz making it easy to throw in a tackle bag or backpack for when you need it. Since they use carbon fiber in the construction and very little metal it is corrosion resistant and very light weight.

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