DaHo Needle Kits


Daho needles kits will save you some money instead of buying them individually, and many options tailored to every kind of splicing. Whether you need a full set of loops, latches, threading needles or a mix of all of them, these premade kits have you covered.


  Model    Description 
CLSSET Set of all three Standard Loop Splicing Needles
CRLSET  Set of all three Standard Reverse Latch Splicing Needles
CNSET Set of all seven Standard Threading Needles
CFLSET  Set of all seven Threading and all three Loop Splicing Needles – 10 Standard needles
CFRLSET Complete set of 13 Standard Needles – all seven Threading, all three Loop Splicing and all three Reverse Latch Needles
CFBRLSET Complete set of all 21 of our Needles – all ten Threading, all five Loop Splicing and all three Reverse Latch Needles – Includes Special Size Needles
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