Coolbaits Underspin Lead Heads


  • UV400 Wormkeeper. This keeps your bait on the hook without ripping
  • The only underspin lure utilizing dual ball bearing swivels for maximum blade rotation – freefalling through a school of suspended bass, grinding in on boiling fish, or slow-rolling the bottom, these high-quality swivels & nickel-plated blades are always turning
  • Detailed design down to flared gills, premium 3D eyeballs, and a natural overall balance time
  • Mustad 2x Hook for lighter weight, more strength, & optimal hook set
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They’ve developed a cult-like following bred from success in catching calico bass and many other species. The leadheads are not cheap, frankly they’re darn expensive but they are the nicest of their type you’ll ever see. The hooks are from Mustad, chemically sharpened, with a pair of tail keepers, too.  We’re stocking the heads in several sizes so you can reach the depth necessary to harvest your catch.

For the tails, two basic forms: straight tail drop shot style and ribbed paddle tail. Both are fairly small and skinny, can work on all their jigheads, but most guys will run a more traditional style swimbait behind the 1/2 and heavier heads. For the small 3/16 and 3/8 oz heads, absolutely run the dropshot or ribbed tailed Cool Bait trailers. The skinny tails allow the spinnerblade to do it’s thing…spin like crazy and attract attention.  Give that thing some room to work it’s magic.  A skinny trailer is a very good thing, helps maximize the lure’s effectiveness.

NEW FOR 2019 (introduced tail end of July 2018) is the weedless version of the Underspins in 1/2 and 3/8 ounce. Fishing heavy cover, dragging lures thru the grass and over the kelp, the Weedless Underspin may be of serious interest and well worth including in your tackle bag.  No doubt, these are some of the nicest jigs that have ever been developed, and it’s nice to see that they’re made here in America.

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