Chum Buddy

  • Perfect for private boaters
  • Best way to chum, add oil for extra effectiveness
  • Metal tip makes it easy to break up even frozen bait
  • Keeps the mess out of your boat


This new product, made here in Huntington Beach, offers boaters a convenient method of bringing the fish to the boat. Save some gas, get the fish coming to you for a change! Chumming has it’s benefits, but it can be a messy hassle. With the Chum Buddy a boaters life simplifies a bit. If you have some “rolled” bait in the livewell or if you have some frozen from an earlier trip, make good use of it in this device. It’s a very overbuilt piece of gear, with machined metal “masher” and PVC construction designed to last for years. Even the rope for attaching the Chum Buddy is far stronger than what’s probably needed. Just put your dead bait in the device, mash it around a bit and drop it off the rail of your boat to bring in some fish. Guys practicing catch and release sharking will appreciate the simplicity and convenience of this thing, as will anglers targeting all species of fish. The scent offered will get the fish in the mood…and help you get some fish on the boat!

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