Charkbait Spreader Bars


  • Great way to increase your presence in the water
  • Works well for albacore, yellowfin, bluefin & more
  • Solid stainless steel spreader bar
  • Available with squids & tuna feathers
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Getting noticed is the name of the game for private boaters. That’s why spreader bars and daisy chains are so well accepted as fish drawing tools among the better skippers. I’ve long been a fan of running bars and chains, because they do work. They provide a very good reason for a predatory fish to cover more water to bite your lure. There’s more of a commotion, more noise in the water, more splashing around, more silhouettes to see from below. My first experience with bars came from a fellow named Fred Archer, he helped popularize an East Coast technique out here on the West Coast. I bought a couple of his bars many years ago, still have one of ’em. They were made on a thicker bar than what we generally see these days, and I liked his more than the others I’ve messed with since. Usually, at least in my estimation, the bars are too thin, and often there are too many baits on ’em. So, there’s more wasted time on tangles. When we made our bars, we remembered some of the old lessons, and applied them. Our bars are made on 1/4″ diameter stainless steel. That’s a 1/4″ stainless steel bar folks, not 1/8th or less, not cheap highly flexible wire. Bar length is 36 inches, an easily manageable size for most any boat. We use a stainless steel chaffing spring to protect the mono-to-hook connection, double crimped where it counts. We also shorten our wings, so to speak, with the two side chains only long enough to meet at the middle of the bar. This does much to eliminate tangles on the lines. We have these bars made with tuna feathers, as well as the more common tube squids. Feathers, as any angler well knows cost more than tube squids, and they draw more strikes on the troll. So, why not rig ’em on the bar! Well, cost is one consideration that’s prevented folks making spreader bars with feathers before. Since we eliminate the middle man with our own line of lures and accessories, we can pass that savings your way and upgrade the lures, rigging and value. Value is very strong on our spreader bars. They are simple, more basic than some on the market, but made to last and to be fished hard. The CharkBait Bars come in a nice lure bag allowing for drying as well as visual inspection. We’ve made four bars in the traditional squid patterns and four with tuna feathers. All will prove effective, and all are a dandy value.

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