Charkbait Flexible Finger Tape


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Our Flexible Finger Tape is a surgical grade product, designed to accomplish many things. It’s stretchable, non-absorbent, self-sticking and long lasting. It will not absorb water and it retains stretch and adhesion under harsh conditions. We use this tape here at our shops as a cushion on the reel’s spool when loading Spectra. It provides the line something to dig into, so it’s less likely to rotate on the spool. It’s also been used by fishermen for years (though typically in inferior form) trying to prevent or minimize Spectra cuts and burns on their thumbs and index fingers while fishing. From our experience, this is the best product of its type. There are two other similar products on the market, one from our friends at Izorline, another from Strikemaster. No knocks against these guys, but our tape is a heck of a lot better. Ours is thicker, and it has better adhesion. We’ve been using and selling this stuff at our shop for years, never made it available on-line. Well, based upon feedback from folks who have used it, we’re now selling the product. We package the tape, two per pack. You get one 1 inch by 5 yard AND on two inch by five yard rolls. Our two pack sells for $4.99. Izorline’s single pack goes for $3.50 and that’s for one one inch wide x 5′ roll. (Compare 1″x5 yd, verses our deal 3″x5 yd – three times the Flex Wrap for an extra buck and a half)  The Strikemaster version sells for about $2, and is so much inferior that it does not warrant discussion. Our Flexible Finger Tape is Made in America, too – a superior quality product and value. Just like our lures, by cutting out the middleman, we are able to pass along a significant savings to you.

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