Catchy Tackle Wahoo Bombs


  • Classic wahoo bomb design with some upgrades
  • High quality chrome, gold & black chrome head finish
  • Durable reflective mylar skirts
  • Strong single siwash hooks with integrated spinner blade
  • 4 oz for an easy cast on jig rods
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Catchy Tackle has introduced a NEW wahoo bomb, and we’ve got ’em first! The new bomb weighs in at 4 ounces and comes rigged on wire cable  with a single hook (the preference for dealing with wahoo). The bombs also have a nice willow leaf spinner blade attached to a swivel on the hook for added attraction, and a Keeper above the jig to keep it from sliding up the line too far from the hook (a very good idea since the lure will tend to ride up the line after a cast as you let it descend a bit prior to ripping it back to the boat.

There are three variations to the lures. The standard chrome head version features a double skirt of flashy material. The Gold head and the Black Chrome head also feature an internal Newell Skirt. The Newell skirts are heavier, thicker, more durable and make the lure have a fuller presence when quickly retrieved. These bombs are going to be effective, and quite popular. Catchy did their homework prior to manufacture. The heads are typical Catchy quality, meaning EXCELLENT and DURABLE. Unlike the offshore produced stuff, these are well made and precision manufactured. The chrome platting is all much better and will prove much more durable. The Gold and Black Chrome heads are flawless and will prove well worth the money.

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