Catchy Tackle Spinner Jets

Catchy Tackle

  • Innovative spinner jet design, great for any trolling application
  • Rigged with fluorocarbon & ready to fish
  • Available in 3 sizes to cover any need
  • Works well for albacore, yellowfin, bluefin, & wahoo
  • Comes in several popular colors


The Catchy Spinner Jets and Bombs feature an inline spinner, on ball bearings front and rear.  The lures are well put together, call it overkill. They are made of a chrome plated brass, stainless balls for the bearings. They are available in several weight and size configurations.  That’s great if you’re trying to take advantage of faster trolling, or working a bit more of the water column.  Maintenance is easy, just flush and go. The lures also have some excellent skirts to complete the product, and they’re the right patterns too. The lure will produce on a wide variety of gamefish, tuna, wahoo, sails, dorado….  Additionally, with the commotion these things create, they’ll also attract attention to other lures in your spread or use as a teaser to attract a marlin to a drop back bait.  At this point, the lure’s a proven commodity.

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