Catchy Tackle Spinner Bombs

Catchy Tackle

  • Designed for wahoo casting, the unique spinner jet improves fast retrieve action
  • 4 & 6 oz heads for the longest casts
  • Chrome head finish to attract the wahoo
  • Reflective mylar skirt in the best patterns


Same design as the spinner jets with different skirts.  For the ‘hoo, Catchy offers two lures, which can be used casting or trolling.  Their best use is as a casting bomb, I think.  If you’re going long range, stick a few of these in your tackle bag.  From $24-25, it’s a good value, and a productive lure.  Also, if you are targeting the big hoo, you might also consider using their larger marlin size lures.  The 16 and 26 oz. product rigged appropriately, is proving it’s worth on the long range boats visiting points south.

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