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Trolled at high speed, the hard, tail-beating action draws savage strikes from the world’s flashiest gamefish. Marauder is the true-tracking lure of choice for wahoo catchers from the West Coast and around the world. Pull these lures up to 12 knots and hang on. Rarely needs adjusting, but a slight turn of the line tie will do the trick. The exact angle of the diving face and internal ballast keep the lure working at all times. The remarkable Marauder’s vibrating action matches that of fleeing mackerel. Better than live bait, this durable plug has the best hooking qualities around with dual, swiveled single hooks.

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The Marauder a very popular long range wahoo trolling lure. It’s rugged construction, ball bearing swivels and chomp-proof urethane construction, single hooks w/swivels,   ensures you’ll get more than your money’s worth from this lure. This product is also capable of taking a wide range of gamefish, from tuna to makos. But, beyond a doubt, the thing that’s made this a tackle box must-have, has been the long range success this lure’s achieved targeting wahoo. Rig the lure on 49 strand cable (some use single strand wire, but the multi-strand cable is far preferred) or simply grab one of the rigging harnesses at the bottom of the page when going after toothy critters like ‘hoo or makos. The Marauder is “standard issue” for long rang fishing. Pictured above, 913 smaller size & 914.

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