Bozles Chacha 230g Zinc Slow Pitch Jigs


  • 230g & 8.5″ long
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Great falling & jigging action
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Bozles is a Japanese company specializing in tungsten and zinc jigs, while tungsten jigs are great for avoiding the current and getting down quick the zinc jigs are less dense than lead and can potentially give you a lot more action when jigged. You’ll have more time in the strike zone when jigging or letting the jig fall which is what the Chacha excels at. These jigs are quite a bit longer than the lead alternatives so a set of longer assist hooks is a must, we mainly recommend rigging them with a single top hook which will be great for targeting bigger game like yellowtail, yellowfin and bluefin. The angled shape creates a unique falling action and when jigged you’ll have the lure darting back and forth mimicking live bait. Even when fished like a traditional yoyo iron with a fast retrieve they will have a swimming kick and not a lazy spin like a lot of the irons we use.

We have them available in a small variety of the most popular colors and the 230g size is perfect for the local bite whether you’re fishing rockfish or yellowtail. The jigs are about 8.5 inches long so there’s plenty of space for doubles when targeting rockfish, so don’t be afraid to put hooks on both sides.

Falling Action

Jigging Action

Fast Retrieve

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