Boomerang Braid Snips


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I’ve been using the little Snip for a couple years now, darn useful little gadget. The Snip is great for cutting braided lines, and the little one is great for those making nail knots and/or nub knots for their bread to leader connections. Very little chance of cutting into your main line or weakening your connection by an inadvertent chop. All models feature a retractable cable with split ring so you can attach the cutters wherever you need ’em. All have an integrated blade safety mechanism, and all of them cut cleanly and smoothly every time. As mentioned, I have been using mine for a couple years, and only use it for braid. Consequently it’s stayed in good shape. These devices will also cut mono, but chances are if you do much of that the cutter’s ability to deal cleanly with braided lines will degrade. So, I’d suggest to use it dedicated for one type of line or the other. The stainless steel cutters will hold up well and won’t rust, the manufacturer has a one year warranty. The retractable 36 inch cable really comes in handy. So, why the name Boomerang? It’s the retractable lanyard…these tools come back to you and don’t tend to walk off since you can clip the tool to a belt loop or your tackle box.

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