BKK Stainless Steel Split Rings


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  • Stainless Steel Smooth Finish
  • Available in 80lb ~ 400lb Sizes
  • Tempered To Resist Permanent Deformation
  • Strong & Elastic


BKK makes some of the best split rings on the market, they are strong for the size going all the way up to a 400lb ring and they don’t get permanently damaged when opened up to accommodate a larger hook. The smooth finish ensures that your line won’t be chafing on the edges or catching the tab of the split ring to open it up. The sides are ground to a rounded edge so that the ring sits flat. With a good pair of pliers you can get just about any hook onto one of these, even the larger single hooks let along the big GT Rex trebles.

SIZE 6 7 8 9 10 10+
QUANTITY 16 14 12 10 9 7
STRENGTH (KG) 36.2 45.3 68 90.7 136 182
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