BKK GT REX Replacement Treble Hooks

  • Available in Huge 5/0, 6/0 & 7/0 Sizes
  • Perfect For Big Yellowfin, Bluefin and Giant Trevally
  • Made For The Biggest Casting Lures
  • Perfect For Flying Fish Trailer Hook Rigging


The BKK GT-REX was developed aiming at tackling massive Giant Trevally and Tuna.

The Hand Ground hook point of the GT-REX coupled with BKK’s signature Ultra-Antirust Coating ensure sustained sharpness and penetration performance.

All the details of GT-REX from the hook eye to the hook points  have been engineered to create the best-performing treble hook for your salt water popping.

Bestowed the Good Design Award 2019.

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