At the Rail – Bill Roecker


At The Rail: Long Range Fishing
The heftiest, best illustrated book on long range fishing ever printed begins distribution in early December, 2010*: At The Rail: Long Range Fishing, by Bill Roecker. It’s a big, coffee-table volume of 208 pages with high-quality printing and paper, featuring color on every page. What’s inside? The best bites ever seen, the closest calls, oddest events, the most gratifying results and heartbreaking losses are in this great new book.

At The Rail is a landmark saltwater volume, for the general audience as well as anglers, with history, expert tips, profiles of legendary anglers like Bill Poole, Frank LoPreste, Carl Newell, Russ Izor and the sport’s major companies. It includes high-quality color photos, including two-page spreads, location and tackle information, war stories from fishermen, the most significant catches, scientific data from Kurt Schaefer of the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission, details of record fish and Roecker’s personal long range adventures over the past 30 years. This book is a must-have for all ocean anglers.

If you love long range sportfishing, you’ll spend hour upon hour reading this book. It covers everything from gear, techniques, locations, people, some history and more. It’s an eclectic stroll at the docks, with a huge amount of information, written in a relaxed style that invites readers. -Mark Smith

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