Berkley Gulp Ghost Shrimp Lures

  • Lifelike detail imitates natural prey
  • Replacement for hard to find and hard to catch ghost shrimp
  • More colors and better durability than live
  • Expand your strike zone with Gulp! scent dispersion


Berkley Gulp! Ghost Shrimp are a great surf bait to use for surf perch, corbina, croakers, halibut and more. These are often rigged instead of live ghost shrimp, and they do very well to imitate the same action and scent to get you bit. Typically you’ll want to use a Carolina rig, a small swivel with a 1/4 – 1/2 oz sliding egg sinker above it, and a 3 ft leader going to your hook. We recommend the Owner Mosquito hooks in size 6 and 8 for these lures as well as live ghost shrimp.

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