Avet SX G2 Reels

  • Precision machined 6061 T-6 marine grade aluminum and stainless steel components.
  • Anodized for superior corrosion resistance and beautiful finish.
  • Precision machined stainless steel gears.
  • Patented SILENT dog and gear anti-reverse system.
  • 13 lbs. of drag at strike, 20 lbs. full. 40% More than Classic Series
  • 8 stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Proudly made in the USA.


For 2017 Avet has announced the new G2 Series (as in generation II) reels to their line. The new reels offer increased drag performance, important for those fishing heavier lines. Also, similarly to the Raptor series, the spool and frame allow for a modest increase in line capacity and smoother performance at higher drag settings. These single drag reels increase the flexibility of the models in comparison to the standard series. For instance, the new JX model now can fish 50# very well, while the standard JX is really a 40# and down piece, the JX/LX G2’s can cover 40/50 and even 60# lines with appropriate drag performance. That’s a significant upgrade in performance over the standard series reels, and the lever upgrade is also quite useful in setting more precise drag levels and in operation. Whether or not the G2’s upgraded performance is right for you depends upon the line tests you plan on fishing in my estimation. Again, back to the JX, if your intent is to fish the piece at 30-40 lb test leaders, then there’s no big reason to spend the extra money. However, if you are like me, and want to fish 40-50# on a JX, then the upgrade is very significant and makes the piece a value when compared to the Raptor version. For Avet to provide us fishermen such a range in products, all geared to the types of fishing we do, well it’s wonderful and demonstrates that these folks are indeed listening to their clients and coming to market with products that suit all anglers. With respect to the SX/MX series G2’s, I see a logical generational improvement. The drag curves were fine with the earlier models for fishing say 30# and down, really better suited for 25# and down lines. Given an increase in drag of about 40% above the previous models, 13 lbs at strike, we’re really still looking at fishing 30# and down rather than 40 – but there’s going to be less sideload pressure on the spool bearing, greater longevity when the reel is pushed to higher and more appropriate drag settings for 30 lb line and down.

Just to help in the confusion department: I’ve had a few calls from folks asking when the G-2 HX’s will be produced. Well, they won’t be made, the HX really was the first G-2 offered! The SX-LX series reels are following that reel series design, incorporating it’s features across the new G-2 models. The first generation SX, MX, JX & LX will stay in the line, at least for now. Feeling from Avet is that the first gen models are most appropriate for those fishing light drag loads, so they still have a reason to be produced…and of course they cost a bit less, so Avet customers have more flexibility in putting their dollars to the best use for their particular applications.

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SX G2 5.3 14 5.3:1 350yds/50lb 30” 10-30lb Strike: 13 Full: 20
SX G2 5.3 MC 14 5.3:1 350yds/50lb 30” 10-30lb Strike: 13 Full: 20
SX G2 6/4 16 H – 6.3:1 – L – 3.8:1 350yds/50lb H – 36″ – L – 21″ 10-30lb Strike: 13 Full: 20
SX G2 6/4 MC 16 H – 6.3:1 – L – 3.8:1 350yds/50lb H – 36″ – L – 21″ 10-30lb Strike: 13 Full: 20