Avet Reel Bags


Avet makes a nice pair of reel storage cases. These are a “soft” case, with adjustable storage. They include plenty of pockets to hold leader material, tools, reel clamps…. They feature some nice embroidery work, mentioning the manufacturer’s name of course. The smaller case is about 14″x9″x8″ with room for 6 reels up to a 30 size. The larger case is 22″x14″x12″ (which is photographed below – small at right) has eight adjustable dividers capable of holding up to 8 30’s or 50’s. These are a quality products, and will hold your reels safely while traveling to and from a boat, or for storage at home. They are not designed for air travel and baggage check ins. For that, a hard case would be preferred…with locks.

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