Avet First Generation Clearance Reels

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Avet is undergoing the slow process of discontinuing their “First Gen” reels in favor of the new line of G2 and G2 No-Glide reels. We are receiving a shipment of some of the JX and LX single speed models to clear out at a discount. These are great reels at an even better price, both the JX and LX work well as 40lb and down reels with the LX being a wide live bait version and the JX being the narrower jigging version.

JX 4.6 MC
20 4.6:1 400yds/65lb 36” 20-40lb Strike: 15 Full: 20
JX 6.0 20 6.0:1 400yds/65lb 46” 20-40lb Strike: 15 Full: 20
JX 6.0 MC
20 6.0:1 400yds/65lb 46” 20-40lb Strike: 15 Full: 20
LX 6.0 MC
22 6.0:1 600yds/65lb 46” 20-40lb Strike: 15 Full: 20

We certainly do like Avet reels.  We’re their largest retailer in the nation, and have been for some time.  It’s been a real pleasure being associated with this firm and watching them grow.  Each generation of reels they introduce improves upon prior products.  They support the owners of their reels through offering updates and superior factory service.

Avet’s single speed LX and JX reels offer great casting and drag performance.  The enhancements they’ve made are based upon their two speed home run reels, the JX and LX two speeds.  The new reels are made to accommodate the higher line tests that many folks have wanted to fish without modification.  Spectra backing allows us bump up in line test on smaller more comfortable size fishing reels.  The new JX/LX reels will handle 40# line better than the old models.  They’ll give you 15#’s (at strike with more at the full setting) of drag from their LARGE carbon fiber drag material, and superior freespool performance for longer casts, too.  The new reel is simply more refined and more reflective of how these fine reels are usually employed.

Like all Avet reels these are leverdrag designs, featuring six shielded bearings with the best anti-corrosion treatment available.  They are easy maintenance reels.  Just button down the drag and dunk them in fresh water after use.  Then back off the drag and allow them to air dry.  Once a year I’d suggest having us or someone familiar with them (or yourself) take them down and apply some lubrication.  They are made from high quality aluminum all machined, not cast, for tight tolerances. and fit.

Avet’s JX and LX 2 speeds are made for taking everything from wahoo to tuna and any species in between.  They spin well, great freespool like all the Avet reels.  They have a fast 6:1 gear ratio and drop down to 3:1 for power.  At those gear ratios you can wind in a wahoo bomb quickly and if you happen to be picked up by a 200# yellowfin instead of a wahoo you’ll have the power to deal with the fish.


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