Alps Graphite Reel Seats


  • Perfect For Spinning & Conventional Reels
  • Available in Sizes Ranging from 16 to 30mm
  • Light Weight Durable Graphite Construction
  • Metal Reinforced Hoods
  • Smaller Sizes Work Well With Foam Arbors
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Alps Graphite Spin reel seats are a classic favorite amongst rod manufacturers and rod builders alike. This tried and true spin reel seat shares the same track record as the trigger casting reel seats. The inside of the barrel is ribbed for better cohesion. These Alps Spin reel seats are reliable and faithful, as well as extremely long-lasting featuring graphite filled nylon construction. These are one of the best value real seats that will meet the tough demands of the every day fisherman.

While these may be called a spinning seat, they are also one of the most popular graphite seats to use on medium to heavy saltwater conventional rods. Every major manufacturer has a saltwater rod with the same style of seat installed and it has worked very well for a long time. These are especially great for keeping the light weight feel of a rod when you’re fishing lighter line classes like 30lb, 40lb or 50lb. They even make these in sizes up 30 which are great for guys building jig sticks with thicker diameter rod blanks that would normally need to be deckhand wrapped.

GS16C 106.00 3.95 15.50 0.610
GS17C 115.35 4.50 17.10 0.675
GS18C 130.00 5.12 18.05 0.710
GS20C 130.00 5.12 20.00 0.780
GS22C 130.00 5.12 21.80 0.860
GS24C 142.00 5.60 23.80 0.940
GS26C 142.50 5.60 25.30 0.996
GS28C 142.88 5.63 28.38 1.120
GS30C 146.05 5.75 30.48 1.200
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