Ahi Rock Cod Squirts

“Ready to fish” 2-Hook Rockcod Rigs come equipped with small glow-in-the-dark squids fish can’t resist. Extremely effective under a variety of conditions and depths. Includes swivel and weight snap.


Pretty simple, and darn effective. Everyone likes calamari, rockfish, too. Price is right, they’re rigged well, and not so surprisingly, they also catch fish!
Two colors, both glow in the dark, pink or lumo white. The lures are rigged on 50lb line, 6/0 hooks, tandem rigged lures to comply with CA fishing regs. The lures are 3.5 inches each, make use of one barrel swivel and one ball bearing swivel with snap. There’s a good deal of tinsel flash with these lures and they are priced right!

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Model # Description Line Test Hook Size
SB-611G Glow 50 lbs 6/0
SB-611PG  Pink Glow 50 lbs 6/0