Ahi Rainbow Skin Sabiki Rigs


It takes a lot to get a guy excited about a bait catching rig.  Usually it’s just one more thing to bring on the boat. I’ve got to give the Ahi rigs their due, they’re a great rig.  All Ahi Sabiki rigs are produced from only the highest quality components.  They feature a ball bearing and crane swivels, designed to minimize line kinds and twist.  You’ll get more use from these rigs than others, you’ll take care of them as you would a valued lure.  You won’t toss ’em in the trash after one use.  They are equipped with sharp, high quality hooks, hand tied to super strong nylon chip leader material.  The rigs are enhanced with green glow and red flash beads. Each rig included six hooks, differing line weight between main and branch lines.

Description Hook Size Rigging
Promar Ahi Sabiki SB201 Rainbow Skin 14 12/8#
Promar Ahi Sabiki SB202 Rainbow Skin 10 15/10#
Promar Ahi Sabiki SB203 Rainbow Skin 6 20/15#
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