AFW Hi-Seas Fluorocarbon Leader Line


  • High strength 100% fluoro carbon construction
  • Clear color for least visibility in the water
  • Perfect for rigging up lures
  • Affordable price for higher test line
  • 100lb – 220lb tests, 25 yard coils


Hi Seas produces excellent Fluorocarbon without tint, crystal clear. At present we’re stocking this product only in the higher tests of 100lb up. Like their Quattro product, this line comes to us from Europe’s largest line producer, made in Portugal.  It’s well priced, very well priced, 100% FL, with excellent abrasion resistance. Spools are 25 yards, compare to Seaguar and you’ll understand just how good of a value this line represents… Excellent product.



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Line Test (lb)Line Test (kg)Diameter (inch)Diameter (mm)Length (yards)
100 lb45.4 kg0.039 in1.00 mm25 yards
130 lb59.0 kg0.045 in1.15 mm25 yards
175 lb79.3 kg0.053 in1.35 mm25 yards
220 lb99.8 kg0.059 in1.50 mm25 yards