AFTCO Roller Troller Flat Line Clip


AFTCO‘s Roller-Troller Clips are “the kind.” They feature a roller that’s easy on your line and allows you to let out more line as needed without resetting the clip. The roller trollers come with a snap swivel for attaching to a cleat or a planner/downrigger. They also manufacture the same basic clips for use with outriggers. You’ll be most pleased using these clips with lines of 40 lb. or greater test. These clips are not for the lighter line, use the pressure pad type clips from Scotty, Offshore or Cannon instead when using 30 lb. and less. The roller-trollers serve as an excellent flat line clip, the best on the market. Other uses may dictate other styles, such as the Goldfinger clips. These use wire instead of the roller and are often used as a less expensive outrigger clip, kite fishing and with downriggers.

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