Accurate Valiant Slow Pitch Jigging Lever Drag Reels

  • Best purpose built Slow Pitch Jigging lever drag reels
  • Large power handle knob and longer handle for extra torque
  • Narrow size for the best line management
  • No clicker & No clamp to save on weight without unnecessary features
  • 30lbs of drag and over 45 inches of retrieve


These new reels bring the massive technological advantage in weight and drag design of the Valiant series to purpose built slow pitch jigging. The inclusion of a longer handle and larger more comfortable knob makes it much easier to use on bigger fish, the combination of the two give you a lot more cranking power without having to go to a larger heavier reel. They specifically exclude the clicker and clamps that come standard on other Valiants in order to save on weight and remove unnecessary features. A clicker can get in the way when palming the reel and is not useful when jigging and the clamp is not needed since all slow pitch jigging rods come with a durable reel seat.

A 500N size is the perfect all around reel for starting out in jigging, it gives the best all around performance because it maintains good line capacity of light braid while still giving you the extra retrieve of a larger spool without the bulkiness of a wide reel. With this reel you’ll get over 500 yards of 30lb braid, which will let you fish larger jigs at greater depths. For the guys fishing deeper than 700 feet this will be a great option due to the extra capacity, without decreasing the performance when fishing shallower water. A 300 Valiant size is awesome for fishing less than 300 feet but as an all around reel the 500N is your best bet.

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