Accurate Tern Star Drag Reels

  • First Star Drag Reel With TwinStarDrag
  • CVX Design
  • Stainless Steel Anti-Reverse Bearing
  • Made from 6061-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • 17-4 Heat Treated Steel Gears & Shaft
  • Machined Aluminum Power Knob
  • Proudly Made in the USA

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Accurate showed off their first Star Drag reel at ICAST in July 2018, a true twin drag star design reel, but accomplished differently than Accurate’s twin drag leverdrag reels.

There are a couple things distinguishing Accurate’s design.  First off, twin drag application to a star drag reel. Rather than a drag stack, metal and carbon fiber washers on one side of the reel, with Accurate’s design there’s a pressure plate and friction washer on both sides of the main gear. It’s not applying pressure on both sides of the spool like their leverdrags, but instead are incorporating pressure on both sides of the gear itself – that’s why the gear case is a bit chunkier than other reels designs. The result is, like other Twin-Drag reels, smoothness that comes from only having to apply half the pressure of a traditional design since that pressure is applied to both sides of the spool rather than only one.  The spool is also sleeved, excellent freespool the result.  The other thing Accurate mentions with their new designs is CVX technology.  That’s an interesting buzzword. Don’t quite know what that means in machining or fishing. It has a distinct meaning in government (an app for engagement…bs). In Accurate’s terminology glossary, CVX refers to the way the frames were cut out verses BX or other series reels, more weight trimmed from the frames while retaining similar strength.  Bottom line, they are light like the Valiants, similar weight savings from more traditional designs.

TX-300X 14.6 6:1 325yds/30lb 38″ 31
TX-300 14.6 4.7:1 325yds/30lb 30.5″ 31
TX-400X 15.2 6:1 400yds/50lb 38″ 31
TX-400 15.2 4.7:1 400yds/50lb 30.5″ 31
TX-500XN 16 6:1 300yds/50lb 45.05″ 33
TX-500N 16 4.7:1 300yds/50lb 35.3″ 33
TX-500X 17 6:1 475yds/50lb 45″ 33
TX-500 17 4.7:1 475yds/50lb 35.5″ 33
TX-600XN 17.4 6:1 400yds/65lb 52.78″ 33
TX-600N 17.4 4.7:1 400yds/65lb NA 33
TX-600X 17.8 6:1 500yds/65lb 52.78″ 33
TX-600 17.8 4.7:1 500yds/65lb NA 33
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