Yo-Zuri TopKnot Fluorocarbon Leader Line


  • 30 Yard Spools
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Shock Resistant
  • Super Durable
  • Thin Diameter
  • Virtually Invisible
  • Low Memory
  • 20lb – 200lb Line Tests
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TopKnot is a new fluorocarbon leader in our line-up. We’ll stock this product in clear, replacing clear HD FL from Yo-Zuri from our mix of products. The HD is maintained in our inventory in Pink only, that’s what folks have come to appreciate most from Yo-Zuri. The TopKnot has some differences from their HD line. It’s a tad smaller in diameter and will test a tad higher according to Yo-Zuri. 

We are doing our own testing of Fl lines at the present time. It’s been a few years since we checked all the lines and with all the new players it’s time to see if what’s offered matches up to what’s claimed. Thus far we’ve only checked on the 40 lb lines from most suppliers, still have a few to go before publishing results. But, thus far we’re seeing stretch at breaking of 4.5 inches and 44 lb average break strength with a diameter consistent with Yo-Zuri’s claim (actually about 3/100ths greater). Abrasion resistance is a measure we can’t measure, but by feel given the hard finish (like Sunline) we are thinking it’s going to prove out very capable of dealing with harsh situations. The line is tough, will prove very durable we anticipate based upon cursory testing.

The manufacturer states the following:

Yo-Zuri Topknot Fluorocarbon Leader material is the newest product from Yo-Zuri. The TopKnot Leader Natural Clear is Abrasion Resistant and Super Durable which maintains its clarity even after extended use. This allows the angler to get even more strikes on the same line. The most pressing feature, however, is the diameter to strength ratio. The TopKnot series offers the strongest possible breaking strength with an even smaller diameter than before. This is a must have product for any angler!

Interesting that Yo-Zuri mentioned the clarity. That was something I noticed with their HD line in clear.  After some time in the water, long soaks, it seemed to me that the line had an opaque characteristic.  I mentioned in my write-up of our older FL comparison testing (which blew Blackwater’s claims = hype) that doing a follow-up line test comparison of FL’s after being wet for an hour might produce some differing tests. That was simply based upon observation.  This is an area worth more testing, but it’s interesting that Yo-Zuri is addressing this point, too.  We don’t fish these lines dry, and a dry test as we and manufacturer’s do may miss an important consideration.  That’s a thought for future testing (and likely something my son will work on as things slow down winter-time).

ID Color Pound Test Diameter (MM) Diameter (In)
TK LD 20LB NCL Natural Clear 20 .370 .015
TK LD 25LB NCL Natural Clear 25 .435 .017
TK LD 30LB NCL Natural Clear 30 .470 .019
TK LD 40LB NCL Natural Clear 40 .570 .023
TK LD 50LB NCL Natural Clear 50 .620 .025
TK LD 60LB NCL Natural Clear 60 .660 .026
TK LD 80LB NCL Natural Clear 80 .810 .032
TK LD 100LB NCL Natural Clear 100 .910 .036
TK LD 130LB NCL Natural Clear 130 1.050 .042
TK LD 150LB NCL Natural Clear 150 1.170 .046
TK LD 200LB NCL Natural Clear 200 1.480 .058
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