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  • Splicing & Serving

    Sato Inline Rigging Crimp Kits

    $139.99$249.99 Select options
  • Hollow Braid

    Varivas Avani Ocean Works SMP Assist Cord

    $6.00$7.00 Select options
    • Double structure design —
      • VARIVAS Super Max Power (SMP) PE braid wrapped around a removeable DuPont Dacron core
      • SMP PE braid line boasts twice the strength, durability and wear resistance of standard PE braid line
    • High abrasion resistance
    • Outstanding shock strength
    • UV-resistant PE braid
    • Length: 3m
    • Color: Gray
  • Hollow Braid

    Toro Tamer 16 Strand Hollow Braid

    $49.99$399.99 Select options
    • Highest quality 16 strand polyethylene gel spun construction
    • By far the easiest braid on the market to splice with
    • Hollow core design allows for extra line capacity compared to equal solid braid
    • Large spools available in White, Yellow & HiVis Green in certain sizes
    • Smaller spools available in White & Dark Green in certain sizes
    • First 20 lb and 30 lb ultra thin hollow core line on the market
    • Easy inline rigging on lighter tests, with leader over twice the line test
    • Best braid to use when learning inline rigging
  • Hollow Braid

    Toro Tamer 16 Strand Wind-On Spools

    $12.99$14.99 Select options
    • Convenient 25 meter spool size for wind-on loops
    • Easy to color code all of your wind-on leaders
    • High quality coloring used to increase lifespan
    • Easiest braid on the market to splice with
    • Lighter braid easily fits leaders that are much higher in test
  • Splicing & Serving

    Toro Tamer Loop & Latch Needles

    $15.99 Select options

    The best needles for making wind-on and end loops in your hollow braid. They feature polished tips for getting through tight or used braid. The reverse latch has been stiffened to keep it from opening as easily while splicing, but you’ll definitely want a loop needle as well to make your life easier. Use it to tuck the tag ends of your line if you’re splicing two braids together, or use it to spread out your braid to make splicing tight line easier.

  • Splicing & Serving

    Toro Tamer Rigging Needle Kits

    $59.99$119.99 Select options

    Convenient kits to get you started in the world of inline rigging. Whether you’re working with light, heavy, or all tests we have the kit for you, each kit has a set of threading needles for the appropriate line tests it covers as well as a loop and a latch needle to let you create loops and splice braid together as well as anything else you could think of. They come at an affordable price, with a big discount compared to the DaHo Needles as well as having better quality points for splicing through tight braid.

  • Splicing & Serving

    Toro Tamer Serving Braid

    $9.99$12.00 Select options
    • Short spools used as serving line
    • White 8 Strand Hollow Core for smooth serves
    • Multicolor 4 Strand for simple color coded serves
    • 100 Meter length provides enough line for many connections
  • Splicing & Serving

    Toro Tamer Spectra Adhesive

    $14.99 Add to cart

    Powerful One Part spectra adhesive for inline rigging. Easy to use and fast acting, the Toro Tamer Spectra Adhesive is a flexible glue used for sealing up nail knots, nub knots, and serves as well as extra strength for any kind of inline rigging with hollow braid.

  • Splicing & Serving

    Toro Tamer Threading Needles

    $12.99 Select options

    The best threading needles on the market, a polished tip makes getting through tough spots in braid a breeze. A large range of sizes ensures that you can find the right needle for you no matter what kind of braid and leader you’re splicing. And all of that at an affordable price that will make it easier for you to get started doing inline rigging.

  • Splicing & Serving

    DaHo Loop & Latch Needles

    $20.00$21.00 Select options
    • Complete assortment of all kinds of loop & latch needles
    • Create loops with the latch needles
    • Open up tight braid with the loop, or use it to splice together hollow braid
    • Loop needles available in 5 sizes
    • Latch needles available in 3 sizes
  • Splicing & Serving

    DaHo Threading Needles

    $15.00$16.00 Select options
    • Rounded tip hollow splicing needles
    • Available in 13 sizes from 20lb to 500lb leader
    • Easy to use and perfect for splicing
  • Splicing & Serving

    Charkbait Serving Tool

    $19.99 Add to cart

    Useful tool for making served hollow braid connections. Requires a separate spool for serving line.

  • Splicing & Serving

    DaHo Needle Kits

    $50.00$170.00 Select options

    Daho needles kits will save you some money instead of buying them individually, and many options tailored to every kind of splicing. Whether you need a full set of loops, latches, threading needles or a mix of all of them, these premade kits have you covered.

  • Splicing & Serving

    Sato Inline Splicing Crimps

    $20.00 Select options

    Quick and easy alternative to other kinds of inline rigging such as serves, nail knots and nub knots. Match the size of the line to your leader material, put the braid through the crimp and splice your mono into the braid. Slide the crimp to the end and crimp it down to create a 100% secure connection for your leader.

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