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  • Solid Braid

    Daiwa JDM Saltiga Slow Jigging Braided Line

    $75.00 Select options
    • Available in 600m Spool Sizes
    • PE2.0, 2.5 & 3.0
    • Evo Silicone 2.0 Coating
    • Higher Abrasion Resistance
  • Solid Braid

    Varivas Avani Casting SMP PE x8 Braided Line

    $90.00$154.00 Select options
    • VARIVAS’s highest-grade, 8-strand braided PE line
    • VARIVAS proprietary SMP coating technology results in twice (2x) the durability and strength as conventional PE line
    • Measurably stronger than all standard VARIVAS Max Power (MAX-PE) 8-strand braided lines
    • Navy and pink marking lines every 25-meters enables easy gauge of casting distance
    • Made in Japan
  • Solid Braid

    Toro Tamer 4 Strand Solid Braid

    $24.99$179.99 Select options
    • High quality polyethylene gel spun braided line
    • 4 Strand design makes it great for kelp cutting rigs
    • Extra abrasiveness helps with sawing through grass
    • Thicker individual strands improve abrasion resistance
    • Available in white, green, brown and 4 color depth counter
    • Comes in 3 spool sizes to accommodate any spooling needs
  • Solid Braid

    Toro Tamer 8 Strand Solid Braid

    $34.99$329.99 Select options
    • High quality 8 strand polyethylene gel spun braid
    • Available in several colors
    • Variety of spool sizes makes it convenient for any use case
    • Smooth & round construction makes it great for casting
    • Lack of wax coating improves usability, no stickiness or stiffness
    • Less abrasive on fingers when casting than lower strand count braids
  • Solid Braid

    Izorline Solid Spectra

    $24.55$499.00 Select options

    The first to bring spectra to the offshore fishing game in the late 80’s, Izorline is a leader in braid manufacturing. Featuring a 100% spectra weave Izorline braid is thin and strong by design, with fewer strands to aid in local California techniques like kelp and grass cutting rigs. Available in natural white & dark green.

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